Rebecka Larsdotter – Feathers & Concrete

June 5, 2012 / No Comments / Tags: Charles Altura, Chris Coleman, Feathers & Concrete, J.P. Maramba, Prophone, Rebecka Larsdotter, ruslan sirota,


Swedish vocalist Rebecka Larsdotter’s latest, Feathers & Concrete is the follow-up to her previous recording of standards. Here the writing is by Larsdotter and the songs provide a more personal perspective. The tunes are contemporary and mostly upbeat. The vocals are augmented by a fine list of West Coast musician talents, including Ruslan Sirota on piano, Chris Coleman on drums, Charles Altura on guitar and J.P. Maramba on acoustic bass. Though most of tunes are sung in English, the singer performs one tune beautifully in her native language. Larsdotter is a truly promising artist to watch.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Verkligheten Är En Dröm”.

Tracks: System Overload, Wise One, Friday Sweep, Pearl of Glass, Verkligheten Är En Dröm, Cracks, Strangers In The Garden, Waiting On The Wind, System Overload/Pimpy’s Brew (Extended Version) .