Steve Khan-Parting Shot

June 3, 2011 / No Comments / Tags: Anthony Jackson, Bobby Allende, Dennis Chambers, manolo badrena, Marc Quioñones, parting Shot, Steve Khan,, Tone Center

(Tone Center)

On Parting Shot , the latest recording from guitarist Steve Khan, he turns towards the Latin jazz that he’s loved for many years, especially as a 40-year resident of New York City, fertile ground for the artform. Khan’s wailing, bluesy-rock electric Gibson is augmented nicely by the rhythms of percusssionists Manolo Badrena, Bobby Allende and Marc Quioñones. Also joining the all-star affair are Anthony Jackson on bass and the great Dennis Chambers on drums. Most of the songs are Khan compositions, with the exception of a collobaration with Badrena, and a couple of tunes by Ornette Coleman and Thelonious Monk, latinized for the occasion. Really good stuff.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Zancudoville”.

Tracks: Chronology, Los Gaiterous, Change Agent, Bye-ya, Maria Mulambo, Influence Peddler, When She’s Not Here, Blues Connotation, Zancudoville, Just Deserts.