Stefon Harris / David Sanchez / Christian Scott – Ninety Miles

September 2, 2011 / No Comments / Tags: Christian Scott, David Sanchez, Edgar Martinez Ochoa, Harold López-Nussa, Osmar Salazar, Rember Duharte, Stefon Harris

(Concord Picante)

Ninety Miles is the collaboration of the incredible talents of vibraphonist Stefon Harris, saxophonist David Sanchez and trumpeter Christian Scott in a recording made in Cuba with some of that country’s great young musical talents. The Cuban artists include pianists Rember Duharte and Harold López-Nussa, percussionist Edgar Martinez Ochoa, and bassist Osmar Salazar, among others. Together the collective performs compositions by several of the players including Harris, Sanchez and López-Nussa. The interplay of cultures results in some outstanding sonic art. The amazing disc of music is accompanied by a separate DVD disc, which includes a six-minute preview of a documentary on the project and two tremendous performances of compositions on the album. This is a must-hear and must-see work and a testament to the power of music to overcome divides, no matter the miles in-between.

Click here to listen to a clip of “La Fiesta Va”.

Tracks: Ñengueleru, E’cha, City Sunrise, The Forgotten Ones, Black Action Figure, Congo, And This Too Shall Pass, Brown Belle Blues, La Fiesta Va.