Russ Nolan – Relentless

May 9, 2014 / No Comments / Tags: Brian Fishler, Manuel Valera, relentless, Rhinoceruss Music, Russ Nolan,, Yasuyo Kimura

(Rhinoceruss Music)

Relentless from saxophonist Russ Nolan latest is another great showcase of his fantastic tone and songwriting and arranging excellence. The music is fresh and contemporary, with a great voice that is the hallmark of great horn players. The compositions on this effort are rich with color and ripe for great expositions of virtuosity.  The majority of the tracks are Nolan originals, with nods to Duke Ellington and Stephen Sondheim.The fantastic assemblage of musicians on this effort include Manuel Valera on piano and Fender Rhodes, Brian Fishler on drums, Michael O’Brien on acoustic bass and Yasuyo Kimura on congas and percussion. The playing is outstanding and to makes this yet another stellar work for Nolan.

Click to listen to a clip of “Cassa Cerrado”:

Tracks: Relentless, Cassa Cerrado, Not While I’m Around, It Ain’t Child’s Play, Solitude, Mr. Moore, Limbo, Abakua .