Robert Hurst – Unrehurst, Vol.2 – Bob Ya Head

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(Bebob Music)

 Robert Hurst, who spent eighteen years in the bass chair at the Tonight Show, is out with not one, but two bold new recordings. UnRehurst ,Vol. 2 has Hurst in a trio setting with the herald-pianist Robert Glasper and the equally exciting Chris Dave on drums. Recorded at the New York jazz club Smoke, the recording fits its name as the three musicians had no opportunity to rehearse due to the intervention of a record snowfall. So what you hear is the raw genius of three professional artisans working together as smoothly as the gears in a high performance sports car. On Bob Ya Head , Hurst takes things in a much more electronic sonic direction. The album fuses samples with voice and varied musician configuration to create an aural landscape that can be challenging and hypnotic to the ear; an example is the track “Unintelectual Property, which weaves the musical performance around the juxtaposed speeches of presidents Barack Obama and George W.Bush. The project features the talents of trumpeter Marcus Belgrave, drummer Karriem Riggins, saxophonist Victor Bowens and percussionist Darryl “Munyango” Jackson, among others. Both these recordings by Hurst present incredibly  creative and engaging listening experiences worth hearing.

Click here to listen to a clip of “I Love You” from Unrehurst, Vol. 2.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Unintelectual Property” from Bob Ya Head.

Tracks (on UnRehurst, Vol 2): I Love You, Truth Revealed, Bob’s 5/4 Tune, Monk’s Dream, Bob’s Blues.

Tracks (on Bob Ya Head): Obama Victory Dance, Optimisim, X Static, Comes You Comes Love, Forty Four, Da, Da, Da, Dah, Munyango In Da Jungle, Oral Roberto, Alice and John, Unintellectual Property, When Drums Stop.