Quartet San Francisco – Pacific Premieres: New Works By California Composers

October 1, 2013 / No Comments / Tags: Chad Kaitlinger, gordon goodwin, Jeremy Cohen, Kelley Maulbetsch, Matthew Szemela, Patrick Williams, Quartet San Francisco, vince mendoza

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The Quartet San Francisco is something really special, as string musicians with a fierce dedication to jazz. Their latest production, Pacific Premieres: New Works By California Composers ,features new music by the talents of Gordon Goodwin, Vince Mendoza, Patrick Williams and the quartet’s leader, violinist Jeremy Cohen. The group, which also includes, Kelley Maulbetsch on cello, Chad Kaitlinger on viola and newcomer to the group, Matthew Szemela on violin takes and turn in the notes with great skill and synchonicity. Bassist Larry Epstein joins the troop on one track. The music is soaring and brilliant, both artistically and acoustically, thanks to help of Grammy-winning engineer Leslie Ann Jones and the famous Skywalker Studios. This quartet is amazing and this music is simply stunning .

Click to listen to a clip of “Guamba”:

Tracks: California Pictures for String Quartet: Oakland, Carmel, Venice, String Quartet No. 1- Funky Diversions in Three Parts: Mike and Randy, Towner, Maurice White, The Bay Is Deep Blue, Three Stages for String Quartet: Focus, Contemplation, Resolution, Guamba .

Website: QuartetSanFrancisco.com