Peak Experience Jazz – Live at Lucy’s Place (Vol.1)

July 31, 2015 / No Comments / Tags: Andrea Miller, Ann Patterson, Kendall Kay, Mike Peak, Peak Experience Jazz, Rickey Woodard, Ron Kobayashi,

(JoySpring Music)

As the old saying goes “…and a good time was had by all”. That’s what it sounds like listening to the Peak Experience Jazz Ensemble, led by bassist Mike Peak on Live at Lucy’s Place (Volume 1)., the first in a series recorded in the music room of the bandleader and his wife Lucy. Peak and his six-piece band, presents a lively, high-energy set of self-penned compositions and nicely re-done works by Sonny Rollins, Cole Porter and John Lennon, among others. The quartet features the talents Ron Kobayashi on piano, Ann Patterson on flute and saxophone, Rickey Woodard on tenor sax and Kendall Ward on drums. Vocalist Andrea Miller contributes very nicely to several tunes. This is just a wonderful upbeat listen.

Click to listen to a clip of “CC”:

Tracks: Tenor Madness, Angel Eyes, Lucy, Sweet Georgia Brown, Imagine, Fancy Pants, CC, Cry Me A River, Just One of Those Things.