Patricia Barber – Smash

March 5, 2013 / No Comments / Tags: John Deitemyer, John Kregor, Larry Kohut, Patricia Barber, Smash,

(Concord Music Group)

Pianist, composer, producer and singer Patricia Barber has a way with words- and music. On her latest, Smash, she shares her painterly world, with each song sounding like its own short story. In addition to thoroughly engrossing arrangements and terrific vocals, the lyrics are as vividly descriptive and image-evocative as something written by Vonnegut. The instrumentation of each tale of anxiety, love and angst is unique and brings with them their own mood and color. The musicianship is first rate, as we’ve come to expect with Barber’s work. Adding great performances to this recording are John Kregor on guitar, Larry Kohut on bass and John Deitemyer on drums. The project bridges the storytelling tradition of jazz with its the avant garde side. The recording is as unique a creation as the artist who created this incredibly effective work.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Devil’s Food”.

Tracks: Code Cool, The Wind Song, Romanesque, Smash, Redshift, Sping Song, Devil’s Food, Scream, The Swim, Bashful, The Storyteller, Missing .