Brittni Paiva – Tell U What

July 28, 2012 / No Comments / Tags: arturo sandoval, brittni paiva, chuck findley, michael mcdonald, ray parker jr., tom scott

(Brittni Paiva Music)

On her latest recording, 23 year old, Hawaii-born, Brittni Paiva demonstrates the incredible of range of the ukelele. Tell You What showcases Paiva pushing the instruments to the edge, in a range of musical styles, from jazz to R&B and classical. The talented artist covers a range of composers, from Bela Fleck to Eddie Harris. As a measure of the respect she’s achieved, the project boasts a guest list that includes, trumpeters Arturo Sandoval and Chuck Findley, vocalist Michael McDonald, guitarist Ray Parker, Jr. and saxophonist Tom Scott who produced, arranged and engineered the project. Paiva is a brilliant talent carving out a name for herself in a very unique way in the jazz world.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Tell You What”.

Tracks: Tell U What, I Keep Forgettin’, Friends, A Taste of  Honey, Comin’ Home Baby, The Lochs of Dread, Mira, Alive, Cold Duck Time, Pavane, Boogie Woogie Bossa Nova .