Bobby Broom – Upper West Side Story

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(Origin Records)

Chicago-based guitarist Bobby Broom returns to his roots with his tenth and latest recording. Upper West Side Story finds the New York City native paying homage to the place of his physical and musical birth. The album has the feel of a big city guitar trio, with Broom and longtime bandmates, bassist Dennis Carroll and drummer Kobie Watkins, working together again quite nicely.  There’s a rawness to the playing of Broom and company here that feels very much as if you were checking out the trio at an evening jam session at a small club. Broom stocked this effort entirely with compositions that he’s written over the years, which, in addition to the outstanding musicianship, makes the entire effort a truly refreshing production for the ear. Excellent work.

Click here to listen to a clip of “D’s Blues”.

Tracks: D’s Blues, Upper West Side Story, After Words, Minor Major Mishap, Lazy Sundays, Fambroscious, Father, Call Me a Cab, When The Falling Leaves.