Beat Funktion -Mandy’s Secret

October 3, 2014 / No Comments / Tags: Daniel Lantz, Johan Öijen, Jon Erikson, Karl Olandersson, Olle Thundstrom, Pal Johnson

(DO Music Records)

The band Beat Funktion has a great sound that joins funk, jazz, rock and soul in a very fresh way to create a sound that is incredibly modern and enjoyable. Their latest endeavor, Mandy’s Secret, is a groove-laden blend of wah-wah pedal, scratching guitars, thumping bass and powerful brass work. It’s fusion-like, but very much its own brand. Keyboardist and lead composer Daniel Lantz creates tunes that join melody and rhythm in a thoroughly enjoyable way.  Lantz’s band mates are Johan Öijen on electric guitar, Jon Eriksson on drums, Pal Johnson on bass, Olle Thundstrom on saxophone and Karl Olandersson of trumpet. The unit has an sound that has one foot inside and one foot outside bounds of jazz as we know it .

Click to listen to a clip of “Thunderlips”:

Tracks: I Am The Summer, Port Arthur, Snap To It, Budo, Are We Done? On The Tiles, Thunderlips, Mandy’s Secret, Kandahari Airport, Rundfunk .