Audrey Martin – Living Room

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(Blue Hydrangea Records)

Audrey Martin’s Living Room is proof that one should never give up on a dream. Martin, a vocalist inspired by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Abbey Lincoln and Laura Nyro, step away from her love of singing for several decades. If this, her debut recording, is an indication, she made the most of the time and has become a confident, mature singer with a voice that can leave you hanging onto every word. Martin is surrounded by a first-class core trio lineup, which includes pianist Larry Dunlap, bassist John Shifflett and drummer Jason Lewis. There are additional performances by percussionist Michaelle Goerlitz, guitarist Jeff Buenz and Marry Fetting who chimes in on saxophones, clarinet and flute. Martin makes some inspiring song choices, selecting more contemporary standards, and others that should be, and in the process creates an environment that is as intimate as the album title.

Click to listen to a clip of “The Touch of Your Lips”:

Tracks: Living Room, Wild is the Wind, Summer, Winter Me, Meaning of the Blues, Hey, That’s No Way To Say Goodbye, Lazy Afternoon, I Never Meant To Hurt You, Calling You, The Touch of Your Lips, My Favorite Things, I Like You…You’re Nice, April In Paris, Upstairs by a Chinese Lamp .