Andy Snitzer – The Traveler

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During his almost 12-year absence from recording his own music, saxophonist Andy Snitzer was mostly on the road blowing audiences away while working with Paul Simon, among others. The Traveler makes clear that Snitzer still has the soul and fire that earned his previous recordings much acclaim at a time when the contemporary genre was on the way to becoming formulaic and predictable. Joining Snitzer on this project is a top-notch lineup of talents, including bassist James Genus, trumpeter Chris Botti, keyboardist Alain Mallet and guitarist Chuck Loeb. The supporting cast provides a cool melodic vibe, through which Snitzer shines brightly on the horn.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Bohemia”.

Tracks: Marseille, Bohemia, Lausanne, Love Song, Taking Off, Traveler, Mystique, Veru, Earth from Above, Covenant.