Ali Bey – My Finest Hour

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(Ali Bey)

My Finest Hour from bassist Ali Bey is a showcase of outstanding virtuosity. The Detroit native demonstrates the craftsmanship of a player who his found his voice through much study and commitment. Bey stands strongly in the tradition of bass players not content to simply take a seat behind other soloists. The voice of the bass very much drives this effort and is the forefront of what happens on this effort. The music is a fusion of rock, soul and jazz influences with a nice sonic range from uptempo grooves to ballad. Bey’s touch as a composer is equally impressive, as he wrote and arrange every track on the recording. Joining him are Larry Andrews on guitar and Timothy Omar Stroud on drums. Guest performers include Raymond Davis, Jr. on keyboards, Ladarrel Johnson on tenor and alto saxophones, Raphael Statin on soprano sax and Larry Tucker and Eric Joe on drums on alternate tracks on the production. A truly quality effort.

Click to listen to a clip of “Ace In The Hole”:

Tracks: “Dam” I Got A Toothache, Larry and Ali’s Theme, Sanktum Santorium, Brooklyn Blues, Brooklyn Blues, Slugger, Ace In The Hole, Joe Cool, My Finest Hour .