Mark Winkler | The Rules Don’t Apply

Vocalist Mark Winkler always offers nicely creative approaches to each of his recordings. His latest and 21st album, The Rules Don’t Apply is no exception. It’s a really nice mix of the roads-less-taken with originals and new takes on existing material. Winkler adds some unique flavors to songs by Donald Fagen and Randy Newman, with the bulk of the tunes being co-penned by him and some of the players on this production. The album is a nice mix of moods with wonderful delivery by the singer. The musician lineup on the effort is also top-notch with the likes of John Beasley, Rich Eames, and Greg Gordan Smith on piano, Grant Geissman and George Doering on guitar, Dan Lutz and Gabe Davis, along with Clayton Cameron and Dan Schnelle on drums, among many others. A thoroughly entertaining effort from Winkler and all involved.