Vocalist Lorraine Feather’s witty, acerbic approach to song and story is always a pleasure to hear. Math Camp, her latest, produced with principal arranger Eddie Arkin, is one of her best. The recording has a range and depth both lyrically and musically. The set is funny, reflective, romantic and even otherworldly. Feather’s distinctive and clarifying delivery is mesmerizing and compelling to listen to, as the words and notes intertwine. The outstanding musical assists here are provided by an array of fantastic talents, including Arkin on drums, flute and guitar on various tunes, Fred Hersch, Russell Ferrante and Shelly Berg on piano, James Genus and Mike Valerio on bass, Terri Lyne Carington, Michael Shapiro and Dan Higgins on drums, along with Grant Geissman and Gilad Hekselman on guitars. Berg also arranged three of the tunes on project, all of which were co-written by Feather. A truly wonderful work.

Tracks:I Don’t Mean to Make a Big Deal of It, Random Activity, Hadron, Meson, Baryon; Euphoria, Math Camp, I’ll See You Yesterday, It All Adds Up, The Rules Don’t Apply, In a Hot Minute, Some Kind of Einstein.