Melting Pot is saxophonist Dave Anderson’s beautiful musical response to the recent wave of intolerance towards immigration  For this inclusive effort, Anderson called on the diverse artists of the New York City’s creative music community to craft his musical celebration. The ensemble of musicians reflects truly reflects the cross-section of influences, including musicians of Colombian, Venezuelan, Israeli, Austrian, British and Canadian origins; the players include drummer Memo Acevedo, percussionist Roberto Quintero, bassist Hans Glawischnig, pianist David Restivo, trumpeter Bryan Davis, tabla player Ehren Hanson, flutist Itai Kriss and sitarist and vocalist Neel Murgai. The sounds all blend so well and Anderson’s writing is top-notch, making for a truly wonderful recording.

Tracks: Immigrant Suite: Juror Number One, Immigrant Suite: Querida, Immigrant Suite: A Candle for Isaac, Mantra, Trance-like.