A Love Letter to Lena is a fulfillment of a dream for San Francisco-based singer Clairdee. The singer became a fan of the great Lena Horne since she was 4 years old. Pianist Jon Herbst provides the wonderful arrangements of tunes that Horne recorded or performed, providing the stage for some fantastic and engaging vocals. The musician lineup includes the talents of bassists Ron Belcher and Doug Miller, guitarists John Hoy and Dave Bell, drummers Deszon Claiborne and Lance Dresser, Mario Guarneri on trumpet and Charles McNeal on tenor saxophone. The renowned violinist Regina Carter makes a wonderful guest appearance on one track, along with a wonderful string trio, which includes Philip Santos on violin, Emily Onderdonk on viola and Paul Hale on cello. The project also includes the accompanying singing talents of Tony Lindsay, Janice Maxie-Reid and Kenny Washington. Fittingly, the project includes a theatrical element with actress, playwright and director Margo Hall narrating interludes of passages about Horne’s life. This is a truly entertaining and special homage to a legend by the wonderfully gifted Clairdee.