Vanished Gardens is a magnificent recorded collaboration between venerable saxophonist/flutist Charles Lloyd & The Marvels, a collective of outstanding musicians, and singer Lucinda Williams that spring from a case of mutual artistic admiration. Guitarist Bill Frisell, pedal steel guitarist Greg Leisz, bassist Reuben Rogers and drummer Eric Harland comprise The Marvels. Williams, who worked previously worked with Frisell and Leisz, came to see them with the Lloyd group in concert, and later invited Lloyd to join her on stage at one her shows. That musical friendship yields this wonderful studio work that has Williams adding her voice to about half the tunes on the project, her voice and the feel of the songs fitting Lloyd’s soul-stirring style like a glove. It’s a pairing that is simply perfect.

Tracks: Defiant, Unsuffer Me, Vanished Gardens, Ventura, Ballad of the Sad Young Man, We’ve Come Too Far To Turn Around, Blues for Langston and LaRue, Dust, Monk’s Mood, Angel.