Beata Pater is an artist who likes exploring new musical terrains something she does quite wonderfully on her latest release. Tet is the Hebrew word for nine also represent the fact that this is the singer’s 9th recording. The project’s predecessor was more of a spoken word effort. Here, Pater surrounds herself with an 18-piece ensemble which includes a wind and brass double quartet, and a double string quartet. Along with the intimacy of Pater’s voice and delivery, the instrumentation gives the production the feel of a rich and classic recording. The tunes feature nicely crafted arrangements. Players on the production include Hiromu Aoki on piano, Dan Feiszli on bass, Steffen Kueh on trumpet and flugelhorn, Brynn Albanese and Emily Lanzone on violins, Barbara Spencer on cello, Aaron Lington on bass clarinet and flute and Meredith Brown on french horn. A truly fantastic work of musical art.