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Jacques Schwarz-Bart Quartet – The Art of Dreaming

(Aztec Musique)

Saxophonist/composer Jacques Schwarz-Bart found inspiration in the work of Carlos Castaneda for his latest release, The Art of Dreaming . Schwarz-Bart saw a commonality in the concept of musicians performing and the premise of Castenada’s book, which shares the same title. The quartet which consists of Baptiste Trotignon on piano, Thomas Bramerie on bass and Hans Van Oosterhout on drums is a solid unit which sounds like they’ve played together for decades. The material selected on the project is fresh and all original compositions, which cover the gamut from swing to more contemplative moods. This is a production that is truly a worth hearing.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Peyotl”.

Tracks: Blues Jonjon, It’s Pain, Peyotl, Moods, Now, Lullaby From Atlantis, Massassoit, DLO Pann, Emile, Voir.


Jacam Manricks – Cloud Nine


Saxophonist Jacám Manricks latest Cloud Nine is a showcase for his extraordinary compositional skills. Manricks’ tunes are like stories without words. There’s a compelling sound to his music that pulls the listener in. He wrote all but two of the songs on this effort. Breathing fantastic life into his notes is a stellar lineup of talents. The project features Adam Rogers on guitars, Sam Yahel on organ, Matt Wilson on drums and David Weiss on trumpet. The brew of talent and composition is fantastic with direction from Manricks out front.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Take The Five Train”.

Tracks: Cloud Nine, Ystävä Sä Lapsien, Any Minute Now, Take The Five Train, Cry, Alibis and Lullabies, Serene, Pilgrimage, Loaf, Luiza .