Ken Fowser/Behn Gillece – Top Shelf

July 9, 2013 / No Comments / Tags: Behn Gillece, Dezron Douglas, Ken Fowser, michael dease, Positone, Rodney Green, Steve Eierson,, Top Shelf


Saxophonist Ken Fowser and vibraphonist Behn Gillece have a chemistry that shines through brightly on their fantastic new release Top Shelf. It’s the quality of their individual talents combined that powers this effort. In addition, the two talents each wrote the all of songs that are the body of this album’s work, and the emphasis here is on swing. Giving the project an added boost is a first rate lineup of musicians which includes Michael Dease on trombone, Rodney Green on drums, Steve Einerson on piano and Dezon Douglas on bass. The result is a fantastic production which truly lives up to its title.

Click to listen to a clip of “Slick”:

Tracks: Slick, Stranded In Elizabeth, Due Diligence, Ginger Swing, Unstoppable, Discarded, Penguenina, For The Moment, Top Shelf, Proximity.