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(ears & eyes Records)

Outset is an outstanding Chicago-based quartet. Lead by saxophonist and composer Dan Meinhardt, the self-titled Outset is a a sturdy debut recording with tunes that allow the skills of each of the talented player to shine, as well as the cohesiveness of the group. The trust that develops among a group of musicians that have played together is heard in every track. Joining Meinhardt on the effort are Justin Copeland on trumpet, Tim Ipsen on bass and Andrew Green on drums. All but one of the compositions on the effort is an original, with the exception being a Thelonious Monk composition which fits the kinetic quality of the adjoining material quite nicely. If you like discovering new and exciting musical offerings, this is definitely one to checkout.

Click to listen to a clip of “Gooby”:

Tracks: Gooby, Dropped, Points for Trying, Bixotic, Something Mellow, New Rain, Epistrophy  .

Website: DanMeinhardt.com