Matt Renzi – Rise and Shine

January 17, 2014 / No Comments / Tags: A.R. Balaskandan, Dave Ambrosio, Giridhar Udupa, Matt Renzi, Ralph Alessi, Rise and Shine, Russ Meisner,, Three P's Records

(Three P’s Records)

The music of New York-based saxophonist Matt Renzi has a raw quality that sounds like it’s being invented in real-time. His latest effort Rise and Shine feels almost like looking into an artist’s sketchbook and peeking at some ideas that are being working out. It’s a brave new work which allows for some real musical expession and this is what takes place on this recording. Renzi who also plays oboe, clarinet and flute on the effort is joined by Dave Ambrosio on bass, Ralph Alessi on trumpet, Russ Meisner on drums, Giridhar Udupa on vocals and percussion and A.R. Balaskandan on mridangam. This is a dynamic recording by an incredibly virtuosic performer.


Click to listen to a clip of “Tha Thom”:

Tracks: Noasis, Rise and Shine, Wall Tune, SP, Tha Thom, Number Two, Animals Come Forth, Vetro .