Jeremy Pelt – The Talented Mr. Pelt

April 19, 2011 / No Comments / Tags: danny grissett, dwayne burno, gerald cleaver, j.d. allen, jazz, jeremy pelt,, trumpet

(HighNote Records)

Trumpeter Jeremy Pelt has a sound that is attention-getting and inviting. The Talented Mr. Pelt, his lastest recording, is an engaging musical conversation between Pelt and his ensemble that brims with energy and life. The project features the band that Pelt assembled and has kept together since 2007, no small feat in these times. The band is comprised of Gerald Cleaver on drums, Danny Grissett on piano, J.D. Allen on tenor sax and Dwayne Burno on bass. The music, captured in 24-bit brilliance at the famed Rudy Velder Studios, consists mostly of original compositions by the talented Mr. Pelt. This is another of his efforts par excellence.

Click here to listen to a clip of “In Love Again”.

Tracks: Pandora’s Box, All My Thoughs Are of You, Paradise Lost, When The Time Is Right, Pulse, In Love Again Only, David and Golaith .