Will Bernard – Just Like Downtown

August 30, 2013 / No Comments


Guitarist Will Bernard’s Just Like Downtown is a great recording that sounds like it’s name. It sounds the way you would imagine the downtown of any big city would sound. Bernard not only composed all of the great tunes on the project, but assembled a real pro lineup which breathes life into the notes. Joining Bernard on the set is Rudy Royston on drums, John Ellis on tenor sax and bass clarinet and Brian Charette on organ, the latter with an especially strong presence in the music which complements the guitar quite nicely. The talents of all the gentlemen on this effort is considerable and works seamlessly as they move through high-energy grooves and the occasional ballad. This is big time jazz.

Click to listen to a clip of “Route 46”:

Tracks: Dime Store Thriller, Go West, Sweet Spot, Dancing Days, Little Hand, Safety in Numbers, Balai Hai, Route 46, P.M. Gone  .

Website: WillBernard.com