Terceto – Kali

June 10, 2016 / No Comments / Tags: Jason McGuire, José Cortés, Marlon Aldana, Paul Martin Sounder

(Jason McGuire Music)

Terceto is the fantastic convergence of guitarist and bandleader Jason McGuire, bassist Paul Martin Sounder and drummer Marlon Aldana. The three musicians bring the spirit of the great flamenco bands alive on the new release Kali. The synchronicity of this trio is only matched by their individual virtuosity. McGuire fingers fly across the fretboard in a way that would make the great Paco de Lucia proud. McGuire wrote all but of one the songs exclusively, with exception of one that co-created with the great vocalist José Cortés who also appears on the effort. The sound is fiery and cool often within the same track. This is a true work of artistry that will transport you to Madrid, Buenos Aires  and anywhere in-between for the entire time you’re listening. An outstanding recording.

Click to listen to a clip of “Mira Mira”:

Tracks: Zardoz, Ratones Ciegos, Romance, Mira Mira, A. Liberty, Contratiemp, Tio Paco, Zap, Kali, Motivation.

Website: TercetoKali.com