Scott Reeves Jazz Orchestra – Portraits and Places

September 2, 2016 / No Comments / Tags: Andy Watson, Jim Ridl, Sara Serpa, Scott Reeves, Seneca Black, steve wilson,, Tim Sessions, Todd Coolman

(Origin Records)

Portraits and Places is power-packed leap into the modern big band genre from composer, conductor and arranger Scott Reeves. Reeves, a veteran of other band ensembles, is free here to present his work within context of his own collective of musicians. The music is an undulating exploration of the bounds of the orchestral landscapes that has a very contemporary and forward-thinking feel. The band is as nimble as the notes presented them. In addition to Reeves on alto flugelhorn, the outstanding assemblage of musicians here includes Steve Wilson on soprano and alto saxophones, Tim Sessions on trombone, Seneca Black on trumpet, Jim Ridl on piano, Todd Coolman on bass and Andy Watson on drums, among a host of very able instrumentalists. The use of human voice in the form as contributed by Sara Serpa brings another element to the production that adds to freshness of the effort. A truly excellent recording.

Click to listen to a clip of “The Soulful Mr. Williams”:

Tracks: The Soulful Mr. Williams, 3 ‘n 2, Osaka June, Aquas De Marco, L & T Suite (Movement 1: Who Wants to Dance), L & T Suite (Movement 2: A Trombonist’s Tale), L & T Suite (Movement 3: Hip Kitty),Last Call. .