Reggie Quinerly – Invictus

March 20, 2015 / No Comments / Tags: Alan Hampton, Christian Sands, Invictus, Reggie Quinerly,, Warren Wolf, Yotam Silberstein

(Redefinition Music)

Drummer Reggie Quinerly takes the inspiration from the famous William Ernest Henley poem he learned as a child to power himself, and ultimately, this project. Invictus is the name of that poem and this production of music. What comes across right away is the quality of the writing, most of which is the product of Quinerly’s hands. The music definitely speaks the classic jazz vernacular, but in a way that feels new. The Houston native is also quite formidable and gifted with the sticks, driving the music as it swing and pacing the more gentle works. Joining him is a fine collection of players, including vibraphonist Warren Wolf, guitarist Yotam Silberstein, pianist Christian Sands and bassist Alan Hampton. The crew sounds great together and really delivers some great performances to make this a truly must-hear, must-have recording.

Click to listen to a clip of “The Child of the 808”:

Tracks: Tavares, Nimza Indian, Light Work, The Child of the 808 Interlude, Variation 24, My Blue Heaven, The Star The Crescent and The Police Captain, Kunst  Überlebt, The Child of the 808, Lester Grant.