Mimi Jones – Feet In The Mud

July 8, 2016 / No Comments / Tags: jon cowherd, Jonathan Barber, Luis Perdomo, Mimi Jones, Samir Zarif, thejazzpage.com

(Hot Tone Music)

Bassist Mimi Jones’ latest is a beautifully contemplative work. With melodic compositions and solid musicianship, Feet In The Mud is an engaging sonic tapestry. The music is at times straight-ahead swing, and at others, a blend of haunting vocal and mood that changes the ambience of wherever one is listening, and yet, the eclectic collection works. Jones wrote most of songs, with the exception of works by Wayne Shorter, Lennon and McCartney and Luis Perdomo, the producer of the recording. In addition to Jones on bass and vocals, the production is enhanced by the outstanding contributions of Jon Cowherd on piano and Rhodes, Samir Zarif on saxophone and Jonathan Barber on drums. A truly entertaining and enjoyable effort.

Click to listen to a clip of “Lyman Place”:

Tracks: Mr. Poo Poo, American, Elevate, The-Min-Or Way, Fall, Lyman Place, Applause, One 4JB, The Grinder, Happy, Feet in the Mud, Blackbird .

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