Michael Pedicin – Why Stop Now/ Ubuntu

November 15, 2013 / No Comments / Tags: Andy Lalasis, Johnnie Valentino, Michael Pedicin, Rick Germanson, Vic Stevens, Why Stop Now


Saxophonist Michael Pedicin has one of the most pleasing tones on the instrument of modern players. Why Stop Now, his 13th release, features his pleasing sound on full display in a project of original tunes. The mood swings from fiery to solemn on this effort. Pedicin is joined by guitarist Johnnie Valentino, bassist Andy Lalasis, drummer Vic Stevens and pianist Rick Germanson. For Pedicin, who wrote 4 of the recording’s tracks, the spirit of the project was guided by a tune which Valentino contributed to the effort, written in memory of the Newtown tragedy. The album, like Pedicin’s sound, is a work of color and richness that is truly fantastic.

Click to listen to a clip of “Trane Stop”:

Tracks: Why Stop Now, Tunji, Downtown Found, Then I Saw You, Trane Stop, 27 Up, Newtown, Song of The Underground Railroad, Ubuntu.

Website: MichaelPedicin.com