Michael Gallant Trio – Live Plus One

October 23, 2015 / No Comments / Tags: Dmitry Ishenko, Michael Gallant, Pepe Gonzalez, Rob Mitzner, thejazzpage.com

(Gallant Music)

On Live Plus One, pianist-composer Michael Gallant presents the trio in a way that is less traditional and more edgy. Gallant is joined by Rob Mitzner on drums along with Dmitry Ishenko and Pepe Gonzalez on electric and acoustic basses respectively, on alternating tracks. This is definitely not your grandfather’s jazz trio (though he may like much of what he hears), but a unit that incorporates a jazz-meets-grunge attitude to its approach. Gallant, who composed all of the album’s tunes, switches easily from grand piano, to electric keyboard and melodica, as needed, with ease on this effort recorded live at Levine Music in Washington, D.C. The energized set is truly engaging and thoroughly musically-satisfying.

Click to listen to a clip of “Greens”:

Tracks: Returned, Greens, Interlude I, Follow Me, City Never Seen, Interlude II, Completely, Borrowed, Sandra and Michel, The Real Maria, Love You Better .

Website: GallantMusic.com