Kenny Lavender – Conscious Journey Part 1 & 2

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(Kenny Lavender)

Trumpeter-composer Kenny Lavender has produced one of the truly outstanding big band productions of the year. Conscious Journey Part 1 & 2 propels Lavender as a significant composer in the genre. The compositions here are quite substantial, well-constructed tunes. In addition to providing the music and arrangements, Lavender also handles the vocal duties, along with playing trumpet and flugelhorn. Most of the songs here are originals, with nods to a couple of standards, which are also nicely arranged. The large ensemble band is filled with serious talents that breathe life into the notes, no matter the tempo.  This two-disc effort is a really an admirable feat by Lavender.

Click to listen to a clip of “Velocity”:

Tracks: Part I: Velocity, As I Close My Eyes, Beauty in A Kiss,Down in NOLA, 9th Ave Swag, Flow Through Me- Part II: Caravan, I Could Write A Book, Clark’s Bark, Una Mas .