Kenny Garrett – Pushing The World Away

September 27, 2013 / No Comments / Tags: Benito Gonzalez, Jean Baylor, Kenny Garrett, mack avenue, Marcus Baylor, Mark Whitfield Jr., Pushing The World Away, Rudy Bird,, Vernell Brown Jr.

(Mack Avenue)

With Pushing The World Away, saxophonist Kenny Garrett has produced a work of tremendous musical depth and color. Garrett navigates diverse musical influences from Latin, African, Brazilian and even hip-hop on this effort and blends them all together so well. Likewise, the recording is a collage of moods from uptempo danceable rhythms to more mellow reflective tones. The production is aided by a great lineup talent, which includes Benito Gonzalez and Vernell Brown, Jr. on piano, Rudy Bird on percussion, Marcus Baylor and Mark Whitfield, Jr on drums, with Jean Baylor and McClenty Hunter providing vocal contributions. The project consists primarily of great new music written or co-written by Garrett. With this magnificent work, Garrett makes the case for adding his name to the league of saxophone legends right before our very ears .

Click to listen to a clip of “J’ouvert (Homage to Sonny Rollins)”:

Tracks: A Side of Hijiki, Hey Chick, Chucho’s Mambo, Lincoln Center, J’ouvert (Homage To Sonny Rollins), That’s It, I Say a Little Prayer, Pushing The World Away, Homma San, Brother Brown, Alpha Man, Rotation.