Jon Wirtz – Tourist

June 18, 2013 / No Comments / Tags: Alejandro Castaño, Dan Schwindt, Gabriel Mervine, Heather Larrabee, Jess DeNicola, John Grigsby, John Macy, Jon Wirtz, Sarah Morris, Stephen Malloy Brackett,, Tourist

(Jon Wirtz)

Colorado-based pianist/keyboadist Jon Wirtz displays incredible chops and a gentle touch on his second full length recording, Tourist. Wirtz’s syncopated style is featured here in a collage of tunes that highlight his compositional depth. The menu is a mix of sounds from upbeat and funky to gospel-flavored and ballads. The effort features a core rhythm section which includes Alejandro Castaño on drums and John Grigsby on bass. There are outstanding guest performances from guitarists Dan Schwindt and John Macy, trumpeter Gabriel Mervine, vocalists Heather Larrabee, Sarah Morris and Jess DeNicola, as a well as a spoken word contribution by Stephen Malloy Brackett. Wirtz’s ability to make it all work as a production renders this a fantastic project to experience.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Camouflage For A Sunny Day”:

Tracks: Slumber, Politico, Gratitude, Camouflage For A Sunny Day, Despite Appearances (All Is Well), Country, Tourist, Watching The World Wake Up, In The Body, Awakening.