Joe Porter & Joel Goodfellow – Detours

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(Big Round Records)

Percussionist Joe Porter and pianist Joel Goodfellow present a unique take on some well-known compositions in their recording debut. Detours showcases Porter and Goodfellow’s renditions of classic themes from film, literature and jazz. Acoustically, the production has a live in-the-moment feel that sounds completely improvisational and compelling. Porter moves between vibraphone and other percussive instruments and the interplay between the two players gives the effort a sound that is intimate and encompassing alternately. The project features the music of Ennio Morricone, Howard Shore, Paul Desmond and Sean Beeson. The latter composer’s work is performed live before an audience. Be sure to check out this engaging adventure in musical artistry.

Click to listen to a clip of “Take Five”:

Tracks: The  Good Bad and The Ugly Suite  1. Main Theme 2. The Ecstasy of Gold, Concerning Hobbits from The Frlllowship of The Ring, Take Five, Prometheus Rapture: Seven Legends (I. Theft of Fire, II. Golden Metropolis, III. Vulcan’s Forge, VI. Wrath of Zeus, VII. Hope of Hercules).