Helio Alves – Música

December 28, 2010 / No Comments / Tags: antonio sanchez, brazil, claudio roditi, helio alves, jazz, jlp, música, reuben rogers, romero lubambo, thejazzpage.com

(Jazz Legacy Productions)

Growning up in Brazil, pianist Helio Alves was more interested in the classical music he was studying, than the more rhythmic forms associated with his country. His latest recording, Música reflects all those influences and more. The music here runs the gamut from kineticly energized to cooly reflective. Alves’ technical brilliance is complimented nicely by the work of bassist Reuben Rogers and drummer Antonio Sanchez. The album is further enhanced by guest appearance of revered guitarist Romero Lubambo and trumpetmaster Claudio Roditi. The quality of compositions chosen for the project also makes it first rate. Comprised of standards and tunes by other composers, Alves’ interpretations makes them shine anew.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Black Nile”.

Tracks: Gaeira, Kathy, Sombra, Black Nile, Flor Das Estradas, Musica Das Nuevens E Do Chão, Adeus Alf, Tribute to Charlie, Chan’s Song.

Website: http://www.helioalvesmusic.com/