Harry Connick, Jr. – Music From The Happy Elf

December 9, 2011 / No Comments / Tags: arthur latin, happy little elf, harry connick, jr., neal caine, thejazzpage.com

(Marsalis Music)

If you’ve turned on a television any time during the yuletide season in most of the last decade, you’ve probably caught a glimpse of The Happy Elf animated special. Pianist and vocalist Harry Connick Jr is out with a collection of the music from that production, for which he created the original music. The tunes which accompany the story of Eubie, an ebullient little elf who wants to be part of Santa’s sleigh team is now released for the first time in an album package. Connick provides a colorful narrative reading with music at the beginning of project, but it’s his evocative piano work that is at the center of this effort. Joining him are bassist Neal Caine and drummer Arthur Latin, both longtime players in his big band. Even with though title and theme are holiday related, the music here is swinging and bluesy enough to enjoy anytime of the year.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Gotta Be On My Way”.

Tracks: The Happy Little Elf Read-A-Long, The Happy Elf, Santarrific, Naughty Children of Bluesville, Bluesville, The What Song, The PH Song, Two Scoops of Christmas, The Magic Hat, Operation Yule Tide Turning, Christmas Day, What A Night, Gotta Be On My Way.

Website: http://harryconnickjr.com