Gina Kronstadt – Come Over

August 27, 2013 / No Comments / Tags: Christian McBride, Come Over, Falloff Records, Gary Novak, Gina Kronstadt, John Daversa, Luis Conte, Reggie Hamilton,, walter fowler

(Falloff Records)

Gina Kronstadt brings a fresh, contemporary voice to jazz, both in her singing and her songs. The Los Angeles-based artist creates her own musical landscape on her debut recording Come Over. Kronstadt, who worked for years in the background for other artists, started writing the songs on this project as an emotional outlet for herself, as a result, what’s heard comes from a place of truth and real emotion. So it is at times, fun, romantic and reflective. The singer/songwriter had the good fortune of having a great ensemble of musicians to bring her compositions to life. Joining Kronstadt on the effort are John Beasley on Fender Rhodes, Christian McBride and Reggie Hamilton on bass, Luis Conte on percussion , Walt Fowler and John Daversa on trumpets and Gary Novak on drums.  The culmination of all of this talent and these wonderful tunes adds up to a quite magnificent debut .

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Tracks: Magic, Tell Me (Or Not), Come Over, Twitter Stole My Boyfriend, That Night, Turn Around, One More Time, Just Ask.