George Shearing – At Home

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(Proper Note UK)

The New York apartment of George Shearing was famed for the great concerts that emanated from behind its walls. In 1983, during a 6-week stint working together, Shearing and bassist Don Thompson rented equipment to record their tea time playing sessions in Shearing’s home, something they did for the sheer enjoyment. When Thompson found himself listening back to the resulting tapes shortly after Shearing’s death in 2011, he heard the magic that we get the hear on this release, At Home. The recording of the two musicians and friends is mesmerizing. What comes across is not only on the sheer virtuosity of both men, but the musical chemistry in their playing as well. Each song is as much conversation as musical interpretation. The duo wind their way through classics by Rodgers and Hart, Charlie Parker, Lee Konitz and David Raskin, among others. Thanks to this great documentation of their living room performances, we get be to an audience to the great music that happened during those days in Shearing’s apartment–and what a privilege.

Click to listen to a clip of “The Things We Did Last Summer”:

Tracks: I Didn’t Know What Time It Was, A Time For Love, Ghoti, The Things We Did Last Summer, Laura, The Skye Boat Song, Confirmation, The Girl Next Door, Can’t We Be Friends?, I Cover The Waterfront, Out of Nowhere, That Old Devil Called Love, SubconsciousLee, Beautiful Love.

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