Fareed Haque – Out of Nowhere

November 12, 2013 / No Comments / Tags: Billy Hart, Charleston Square, Corey Healey, doug weiss, Fareed Haque, George Mraz, John Tate, Out of Nowhere, Rob Clearfield, Salar Nader

(Charleston Square)

Out of Nowhere, the latest recording from virtuoso guitarist Fareed Haque, is a mesmerizing display of technical brilliance and artistic excellence. The production is a showcase for Haque’s mastery of the six strings and a really good listening album. The production features daringly different takes on classic tunes that work wonderfully.  Haque is joined by a stellar lineup of talents, including drummer Billy Hart, bassists George Mraz and Doug Weiss on one set of tunes, and the talents of pianist Rob Clearfield, bassist John Tate, drummer Corey Healey, and percussionist Salar Nader on another. The outstanding complement of talent serves to enhance the effort and allow Haque to shine even brighter.

Click to listen to a clip of “Flood In Franklin Park”:

Tracks: Waiting For Red, TexMex Jungle, Flood In Franklin Park, I Got It Bad, Giant Steps, Out of Nowhere, Lollipops and Roses.

Website: Fareed.com