Eugenie Jones – Black Lace Blue Tears

June 28, 2013 / No Comments / Tags: Bill Anschell, Black Lace Blue Tears, Clipper Anderson, Eugenie Jones, Mark Ivester, Michael Powers,

(Eugenie Jones)

Seattle-based singer Eugenie Jones launches an impressive debut with Black Lace Blue Tears. Not only does Jones provide vocals for the  project, she composed all but two of the songs (a couple of classic  tune covers). It’s nice to hear a new artist creating new material that speaks in modern vernacular to contemporary issues, although there is always some risk in the effort. Jones has a very soothing delivery of the lyrics; surrounding herself with very capable and experienced musicians helps greatly in this regard. Jones is joined by Bill Anschell on piano, Clipper Anderson on bass, Michael Powers on guitar and Mark Ivester on drums. With this project as her start, it should be amazing to watch the continued rise of Jones as a songwriting and vocal talent.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Black Lace Blue Tears”.

Tracks: A Good Day; Can You Dance?, Take Five; All The King’s Men, So Hard To Find, Black Lace Blue Tears, Perfect; I Want One, In A Shot Of Tequila Or Two, My Funny Valentine, Sat’day Night Blues.