Darryl Harper

June 18, 2010 / No Comments

Stories In Real Time
(Hipnotic Records)

When was the last time you heard a recording featuring four clarinets not playing in unison, backed by a rhythm section along with a spoken word vocalist and it all worked musically? Probably not until you hear this great new concept/album from clarinetist Darryl Harper. Stories In Real Time is a wonderfully conceptual and artistic effort. Harper is joined by a rhythm section comprised of Lefteris Kordis on piano, Matthew Parris on bass, Harry “Butch” Reed on drums. They accompany Harper and fellow clarinetists Alec Spiegelman, Kenny Pexton and Brian Landrus, while Marianne Solivan provides the spoken/sometimes-singing words of poet Terry Culleton that accompany a number of the tracks in the suite of songs. The fact that Harper manages to pull this project off in a very interesting way, definitely makes it one worth multiple hearings.

Click here to listen to a clip of “We Both Know What It ComesTo”.

Tracks: Bone, St. Minim, St. Denwood’s Confession, The Noviate,The Secret, VI., We Both Know WHat It Comes To, Magnolia, Tilant Zare, Nege (Ethopia: Yesterday, ,Tomorrow), Bliss, Pressing, Tore Up, A Prayer, Suite for Jazz (Swing , Blues, Walking Bass).