Cathy Segal-Garcia & Yoonseung Cho – Bohemian

March 6, 2012 / No Comments / Tags: Bohemian, cathy seagal-garcia,, Yooseung Cho

(Dash Hoffman Publishing)

Singer Cathy Segal-Garcia and pianist Yoonseung Cho weave a wonderful tapestry of sound on Bohemian. The duet recording has a ‘live art’ feel to it and not the sometimes overly-polished sound that you hear on similar collaboration these days. There’s a rawness to the effort, along with the vibe of two people who clearly are a good pairing. Segal-Garcia delivers a lyric beautifully on a project that is a mix of sweet ballads and some gentle swinging compositions. Cho’s playing manages to resonate quite clearly as an equal voice on the project, not simply an accompanist. The song selection here is a nice balance of originals and wonderfully re-worked tunes by composers such as, Pat Metheny, Bob Moses, Sting and others. Listening to the project is like being an ear witness to the beginning of a beautiful musical friendship.

Click here to listen to a clip of “Bohemian”.

Tracks: Bohemian, Her Family, Everyday’s Own Song, Jump Back, One Minute, Embraceable Jew, All The Right Reasons, Like A River, A Timeless Place, Fragile, Touch Her Soft Lips/The Nightingale, The Ironic Waltz.