Carmen Lundy – Changes

July 24, 2012 / No Comments / Tags: Afrasia, Anthony Wonsey, Carmen Lundy, Changes, George Bohanon, Jamison Ross, Kenny Davis, Nolan Shaheed, Oscar Castro-Nieves


Carmen Lundy is at the the top of her game. Her latest recording is titled Changes. What has not changed is the quality of what Lundy delivers both as a singer, songwriter and a producer. The album is comprised of mostly originals composed by the Miami native, with very introspective, but universal themes. The musicianship is top-notch, with a lineup that includes Anthony Wonsey on pianos, Kenny Davis on basses, Jamison Ross on drums, Oscar Castro-Nieves on guitar, Nolan Shaheed on trumpet and George Bohanon on trombone. In addition to providing the vocals, Ms. Lundy also played harp, arranged the horn performances and created the beautiful artwork feature of the project’s cover and liners. In every sense of the term, Carmen Lundy is truly an artist and this effort is further evidence .

Click here to listen to a clip of “To Be Loved By You”.

Tracks: The Night Is Young, So Beautiful, Love Thy Neighbor, A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square, Sleeping Alone, Too Late For Love, Dance The Dance, To Be Loved By You, Where Love Surrounds Us.  .