Bobby McFerrin

August 13, 2010 / No Comments / Tags: bobby mcferrin, janis siegel, jazz, lisa fischer, luciana souza, thejazzpage, treece, vocabularies, vocals

(Emarcy Records)

Vocalist Bobby McFerrin’s latest, Vocabularies, is the result of seven years of writing, arranging and editing. McFerrin’s manager had an idea for vocal ensemble music that would expand some things he’d done before. Classical arranger and composer Roger Treece joined the effort studying McFerrin’s vocal style and sounds to build a musical framework for the new project, while lyricist Don Rosler was tasked with translating a collage of languages, including McFerrin’s improvisations, into words. More than 50 singers, including Janis Siegel, Lisa Fischer, and Luciana Souza make up the choral tapestry of sound on the project. The result is soulful, operatic and awe-inspiring. This recording is an absolutely spectacular musical work. 

Click here to listen to a clip of “Say Ladeo”.

Tracks: Baby, Say Ladeo, Wailers, Messages, The Garden, He Ran To The Train, Brief Eternity.