Back To A New Beginning

December 15, 2009 / No Comments
The Jazz started almost a decade ago as a single page newsletter reviewing 4 music releases each month. We went online in February of 2004. Through server challenges and other issues, we lost much of what we have spent the previous years creating. But out of difficulties good can often emerge and we definitely feel that the time away has been of benefit. We return refreshed and ready to make use of the new technologies that emerged in our absence.

The Jazz Page will  publish a new review every week in the Raves section. Sometimes the product reviewed will be current, while at other times we will be profiling a release that we think is noteworthy enough to bring it to your attention, even if it is not of recent vintage.

The Faves section is devoted to the great jazz older and some times more recent vintage that are our favorite jazz recordings of all-time.

We’ll be adding material to Conversations section of the site soon. This part of the site is dedicated to recorded interview with jazz artists. You’ll be able to listen to them on the site or you’ll be able to download these podcasts in MP3 form for listening whenever and however it’s convenient for you. 

The point of this site is touting music we like, not trashing music we don’t like as much, so to paraphrase the tagline of the site, if it’s here, we think it’s worth adding to your collection.