Ashley Daneman – Beauty Indestructible

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(Ashley Daneman)

Beauty Indestructible is vocalist Ashley Daneman’s triumphant recording debut and much more. Daneman’s story is one of overcoming PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder), divorce and the financial challenges many artists face to produce a work that is distinctly contemporary, personal and exceptional. The singer’s exquisite voice is engaging, even when she’s providing backing harmonies to her own lead vocals. Daneman also provides the compositions and arrangements for this recording with songs that seemed to evolve from her own healing. The production is aided by an outstanding assemblage of musicians, including Sam Weber on acoustic bass, Michael W. Davis on drums and percussion, David Izard on piano and Fender Rhodes, Benje Daneman on trumpet, Matt Davis on guitar and Amali Premawardhana on cello. Ashley Daneman is an artist, whose talent is as impressive as the strength and courage it took to bring her gift to the world.

Click to listen to a clip of “Where No One’s Ever Lost”:

Tracks: How You Got To Yes, He Loves Me Well, Sing ’til You’re Good And Live Again, This is Somebody Else’s Piano, Think On Whatever Is Lovely, Beauty Indestructible, Here Comes A Body, Where No One’s Ever Lost, The Forest’s Virgin Tree .