Yuko Ito’s Seduzir is a vibrant celebration of Brazilian music, showcasing her exquisite vocal range and deep connection to the genre. The album seamlessly blends samba, bossa nova, and jazz, with Ito’s soulful voice bringing each track to life. The tunes are delivered with an infectious energy, highlighting her ability to convey both the rhythmic complexities and emotive subtleties of Brazilian music. Ito is supported by an outstanding ensemble of top-notch musicians, including pianist Helio Alves, guitarist Romero Lubambo, bassist Edward Perez, drummer Alexandre Kautz, alto saxophonist Steve Wilson, and percussionist Willie Ruiz, who also provides backing vocals, in addition to the contributions of vocalist Vanessa Falabella. Ito’s interpretations are reverent to the classics and infused with her unique artistic touch, making the recording a captivating listen for jazz and Brazilian music enthusiasts.