Nu Jive Perspective from saxophonist Troy Roberts is an outstanding fusion of sound. It feels very much like past and present, with hint of Weather Report meeting modern elements of jazz and funk, but each composition is something entirely of its own. Roberts further establishes himself as a fantastic composer, writing all of the excellent tunes on the effort, in addition to performing on the horn at a very high level. The band is up to the level with solid performances from Tim Jago on guitar, Silvano Monasterios on keyboards, Eric England on bass and Dave Chiverton on drums. Roberts continues to ascend in his craft, yielding another stellar recording.

Fame &Four Tune, Phish HQ, Slideshow, Jack The Sipper, Professor Ghetto-Rig, Adamant Eve, Avni Lane, Through The Eyes of Psychoville, Belle, Veepea-Are, Table for 5.